Association Awards

The RBFA's Executive Committee bestows the Association Awards on deserving individuals each year. The Medals and Plaques of Honour are awarded to people who have served a club or the Association itself. The Executive Committee can also withdraw an award. There are six different Association awards.

1. Grand Order of the Baron de Laveleye

The Grand Order of the Baron de Laveleye is the Association’s highest award. It can be bestowed on one person each year. The award is named after the first Association President. To date only five people have received the title:

Germain Landsheere Jan Peeters Michel D'Hooghe
Germain Landsheere Jan Peeters Baron Dr. Michel D'Hooghe


Constant Vanden Stock Albert Roosens
Constant Vanden Stock Albert Roosens

The Grand Order of the Baron de Laveleye can only be awarded to a member of the RBFA that is not a member of the Executive Committee. This distinction cannot be bestowed posthumously.


2. Gold Medal

The Gold Medal is bestowed on members of the Executive Committee who have been honorary members of the RBFA for over ten years. Members who have held an official post in the Association for fifty years also receive this medal. Any years of service as a referee do not count.

An overview of all those who have been awarded the Gold Medal


3. Honorary Member

International referees, chairmen of Association organisations and members of national organisations who have performed forty uninterrupted years of service receive an additional acknowledgement of their service by being made an honorary member. Members who have served forty-five non-consecutive years of service can also become an honorary member.

An overview of all Honorary Members


4. Emeritus Member

Referees and members of Association organisations receive the emeritus silver-plated plaque after serving thirty continuous years. They may also become emeritus members after serving thirty-five non-consecutive years of service.

An overview of all Emeritus Members


5. Association Medal of Honour

Members of Association organisations receive the Association’s Medal of Honour after 20 consecutive or 25 non-consecutive years of service. Referees who at the age of forty have already served 15 consecutive or 20 non-consecutive years of service also receive the Association’s Medal of Honour.


6. Medal of Recognition

Footballers who have participated in 35 official international games are awarded a Medal of Recognition. A player whose career as an international player is interrupted by a match injury after 20 games also receives this medal. People who have performed an exceptional service to the Association are also eligible. It does not include referees or Association organisations.

As well as the six Association distinctions there is also the Club Manager Plaque. This special plaque is awarded to management members who have held the special (blue) permit for 20 consecutive or 25 non-consecutive years.

All details of the Association distinctions can be found in the Federal Regulations (in French / in Dutch).