Handicapped supporters

Wheelchair users

The King Baudouin stadium offers a limited number of places available for wheelchair users and their chaperones. Wheelchair users are obliged to purchase a ticket. Chaperones may accompany wheelchair users in the stadium free of charge. There are also reserved parking spaces close to the stadium.

For the Red Devils’ games the RBFA works with INTRO who make a number of assistants available to provide extra service and comfort for wheelchair users.

Due to the limited number of places it is advisable to reserve a wheelchair user’s place well in advance. To reserve your place send an email to jmd@footbel.com including all the wheelchair user and chaperone’s details (name, address and date of birth).


The Blind and Visually Impaired

The RBFA has already provided special facilities for the blind and visually impaired in the King Baudouin Stadium in the past. If these facilities are available this information will be mentioned in communication involving your tickets.

Temporary crutches

Anyone with a temporary mobility problem who is obliged to use crutches will be allowed access to the stadium.

They must however inform the Security department in advance by emailing their name and stadium seat number to security@footbel.com. The stewards will then be informed about your presence.