National Football League+

Football+ Foundation

‘The upgrading of the competition in the second division gives the National Football League the chance to evolve further. And they are seizing the opportunity on the social level too. The National Football League is important for the Football+ Foundation’s project to extend its service to clubs in the lower divisions. Not only as a link between professional and amateur football, but also as a link between football and the community.

A number of clubs in our League are engaged in social projects. The League wants to build on these good examples and stimulate its clubs to develop social programmes. These social activities often illustrate that cooperation with local actors, especially local authorities, leads to good practices. Supported by good communication, this cooperation complements the sports dimension of the clubs and generates local goodwill. So we send a warm call to the second division: tell us about your social engagement, communicate the +!’

Jacques Lefèvre, Administrator

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