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Remembrance programme with 7 participating countries to pay tribute to the Christmas Truces from 100 years ago.

The image of a football match along the front lines of a devastated landscape is quite strong. The power and simplicity of the game was never been displayed in a better way. Even a can of meat served as a football. The German, British and French soldiers showed us the unifying force of the game that is today one of the most popular in Europe.

The Christmas Truces are considered a symbolic moment of peace and humanity, midst one of the most violent events in human history.

Today, 100 years later, the RBFA and Football+ Foundation are working on a commemoration of these unique occurrences. A special role is reserved for all national team supporters of the concerned countries.

Through the participation of these football fans, the RBFA is hoping to highlight the original reason for the Truces: regular human beings coming together for a game of football.

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