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Health scores!

‘Health scores!’ is a joint training programme for schools and football clubs. Pupils get together with their favourite professional footballer to learn about healthy diets, physical activities and not smoking. During kick-off at the club, children can take part in an obstacle course, eat a healthy snack and fill out a lifestyle questionnaire. During one-on-one meetings, the pupils sign a contract with a professional player in which they agree to do their best during the programme.

The kick-off is followed by a school programme. The following themes are covered: physical activity, a healthy diet and the use of addictive substances. Players or the coach, doctor or physiotherapist visit the school and stay in touch with the pupils to provide extra motivation. During the finale of the programme, all the pupils are awarded a diploma by the professional football players. ‘Health scores!’ convinces vulnerable youngsters that doing sports and eating healthy food can be fun.


Belgian Homeless Cup

The Belgian Homeless Cup (BHC) is a social football competition for the homeless. Their re-integration process is kickstarted by the power of football. This programme can be of a social (a stepping stone to social assistance) or a professional nature (training). Physical progress is also made, by working on fitness or a healthy diet. The BHC organises tournaments in public places and supports the local teams. BHC also has an ongoing communication campaign which aims to increase awareness of the issue of homelessness.

Care providers and Belgian football clubs cooperate in order to make all this happen. The homeless are carried along on the positive momentum of football. They work together as a team to achieve a common goal, take on responsibilities and, in doing so, take a first step towards a new beginning.


Football Kick-Off

The Football Kick-Off is a national football tournament for people with disabilities. For a few years now, those who feel impeded to take part in regular football have been able to play via ‘G-football’. The Football Kick- Off gives all ‘G-teams’ in Belgium a unique chance to take part in a special football tournament.

What makes this event unique is the presence of professional trainers in the first and second division who coach the G-teams during the tournament, with the teams playing in the real football outfits of the professional clubs! - coaching. In addition, the competitions are supervised by referees from the top division and players can try getting a penalty past a professional goalie. The Football Kick-Off ensures that participants have an unforgettable day and closes the gap between regular football and disability football.

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