RBFA Committees



Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the General Assembly and management body of the non-profit RBFA.

Its responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring compliance with the Association’s Regulations and instructing the Association’s Prosecution to submit a referral request when necessary
  • Organising and managing the agenda of the General Assembly
  • Approving clubs’ accession, dismissal and mergers and ruling on the suspension of clubs’ sporting activities as well as proposing the expulsion and re-admission of clubs
  • Ruling on the application of game rules when there are different interpretations in anticipation of a decision by FIFA’s referee committee
  • Settling disputes between Belgian and foreign clubs
  • Managing National teams
  • Organising and managing the Trainers’ School
  • Managing the National Aid Fund for the Promotion of Youth football

The Executive Committee comprises three subcommittees:

  1. Technical Committee
    • Management of the National teams
    • Establishment of guidelines and measures to ensure that the National teams achieve their optimal performance
    • Proposal of penalties for selected players
  2. Committee for Trainers Coaching
    • Educational management of the Trainers’ School
    • Administrative management of the Trainers’ School
  3. Committee for Coordinating Game management
    • Coordination of the aforementioned committee’s activities

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Sports Committee

The Sports committee is divided into a Football Sports Committee and a Futsal Sports Committee. The Football Sports Committee comprises one division for Professional Football and three for Amateur Football.

The Sports Committee conducts the initial ruling on many disciplinary matters. Administrative responsibilities are handled by the Sports Committee Leagues.

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Football/Futsal (Indoor Football) Appeals Committee

As its name suggests the Appeals Committee conducts the initial ruling of appeals involving decisions:

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Provincial Committees

The RBFA has nine Provincial Committees. They support the Executive Committee in the organisation and promotion of football at the Provincial level. The Provincial Committees are charged with administrative, sports and disciplinary responsibilities.

  1. Leagues

    • Organisation of Provincial competitions
    • Approving the organisation of friendly matches involving lower division teams
    • Monitoring the grounds of clubs playing at a Provincial level
  2. Football Disciplinary Matters

    The different Provincial Committees rule on such matters as cases involving clubs and incidents, condemnable facts, disputes and cases of player, member and spectator misconduct.

  3. Futsal

    • Organisation of championships at a Provincial level
    • Approving the organisation of tournaments and friendly matches involving teams from Provincial divisions
    • Rules on incidents, disputes, cases of player, member or spectator misconduct and all cases that clubs are charged with
    • Handling complaints related to mistakes in the application of game rules

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