RBFA Departments

Finance department

The finance department must ensure that the RBFA has the necessary resources to implement its vision and above all that these resources are spent wisely.

This department consists of two large divisions: accounting and insurance. The latter handles around 30,000 cases a year. The accounting division manages incoming and outgoing bills.


Technical department

This department is the sports hub of the RBFA. The technical sports centre is located in Tubize.

Numerous activities take place in the National Training Centre. The RBFA also wants sports science to play an important role in all clubs, for trainers, managers and referees.

The technical department manages the National Teams and the technical coordination for the ACFF (French-speaking Football Clubs Association) and VFV (Football Federation of Flanders) branches.


Marketing & Events department

Part of this department is responsible for commercial and sponsoring activities. Relationships with sponsors and partners are extremely important for the RBFA because income originating from these partnerships enables the Football Association to run its current operations.

Furthermore there is the organisation of events, not just the Red Devils’ games but also our National Teams’ games as well as conferences. Other departments need to be supported in these tasks so that our events are organised with a modern and appealing approach.

These activities must be organised safely of course so the security department is also involved in this department. The events must also take place in proper infrastructures not only the Association’s infrastructure but also those at away game locations.


Communication & clubs support department

In the communications division we distinguish between two types of communication: internal and external. The latter includes the press service, press managers for the National Teams and the team responsible for this website. On the one hand the internal communications department has to make sure that their colleagues feel more involved by means of an intranet for example. On the other hand this department must also ensure that the service for our customers, the clubs, runs smoothly.

Club advisers visit the clubs to support them and help them make improvements. This is a new RBFA department.


Competitions department

This department falls under the responsibility of our Secretary-General because for one thing the competitions are also linked to the various leagues. Gérard Linard is supported by administrative coordinators from the VFV (Football Federation of Flanders) and the ACFF (French-speaking Football Clubs Association) branches that manage the Dutch and French-speaking provinces.  The National games coordinator combines a number of former departments: accessions and transfers, disciplinary departments and game planning.

The Brabant Province is an exception and also falls under the national coordinator. The final part of this department is a sub-department involving referees. This includes referee training and recruitment. 


Support services

These services are available to anyone in the RBFA. They include the HR or Personnel Department, the Legal Department and IT. Computerisation will play a very important role in the RBFA’s evolution.